PORTFOLIO / automotive

& electric vehicles  

BLOGs / website optimisation:

Co Cars is a company that offers electric cars by hire as well as electric bikes. They requested engaging blog content and website page support to build engagement from their community and drive traffic from their social media handles to the website.

All Support Provided: 

SEO Blog Campaigns | Keyword Research | Website Landing Page Optimisation | Email Marketing Copy | Brand Voice & Copy Layout Consultancy

KEY Results:

 80% increase on website traffic on core landing pages that were SEO optimised  

(June 2021- Oct 2021) 




 12% lowered bounce rate due to proofing, editing and copywriting support

(June 2021- Oct 2021) 




 Reported consistent increased engagement across social media and site as a direct result from blog and website support 

(June 2021- Oct 2021) 

 Blogs were the highest-ranking pages across the website as a core funnel from LinkedIn and Facebook pages

(June 2021- Oct 2021) 




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Jasmine helps us bring our stories together. Before engaging with her, we struggled to find our voice. Now we are starting to bring out the gems within our team and community that we knew existed, but could never quite find the time or words to put together. Thank you!”

Stewart Noakes, Director @ Co Cars