You know you are great at what you do, but writing about it makes you cringe…

“I haven’t got the time while I’m managing the company.”

“I don’t know where to start with my marketing content.”

“Writing about my business is uncomfortable.”

 I’m Jasmine, Your Wordsmith Wingwoman.

Your award-winning copywriter and content specialist.


With over a decade of marketing experience and a background in TV, script writing and designing websites, I know what gets results.


The company has managed and maintained high-net-worth clients, from multi-continental, billion-dollar technology companies to non-profit organisations working to eradicate human trafficking.

Due to my business partnerships, anytime you book in with me, you can be proud that you are making a direct impact against human trafficking in Somerset and Devon through your content too. It’s a win-win for all voices! 

The no-hassle approach to content…

I save you the headache of trying to write professional and high-performing content yourself.