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BLOG Campaigns:

DG Solutions is an international IT services company that supports businesses with their software systems, testing and other development needs. They needed engaging blogs to demonstrate their skills as experts in IT and drive traffic from their social media handles.

All Support Provided: 

SEO Blog Campaigns | Keyword Research | Website Page Optimisation | Brand Voice & Copy Layout Consultancy | Email Marketing Copy

KEY Results:

 The blogs had an impact of 50% better conversations than the rest of the site on average 

(Jan 2021- June 2021)




 The blogs were the highest-ranking pages and a key method for driving traffic from Facebook & LinkedIn

(Jan 2021- Mar 2021) 




 Increased social traffic by 22% from a site with no traction 

(Jan 2021- Mar 2021) 

 13% of all collective website traffic was going to the blogs alone


(Jan 2021- June 2021)




 The blogs had a bounce rate of 13% less than an average for the rest of the website 


(Jan 2021- June 2021)

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I had a great pleasure working with Jasmine on several projects. As an excellent copywriter, Jasmine has always delivered great results by creating concise and engaging content. She is sharp, efficient and personable, an expert in optimising clients content and in general an amazing colleague to work with. I sincerely would recommend her to anyone that requires content writing services.

Jana Garous, Head @ DG Solutions.